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Whether you need plants for fundraisers, interior decoration, or for resale in your floral shop or garden center, G&E Greenhouses can help. We are a family-owned and operated commercial greenhouse located in Maple Park, Illinois. Year-round, we grow a wide variety of plants for your wholesale needs. Our long-running reputation for producing top-quality products makes us the wise choice for your growing and plant needs.

We nurture and grow our crops from cuttings, plugs and seeds. It takes several months before they’re ready to ship. Contact us for our current selection of plants and to learn what’s in production for your future plant needs. Since we are a wholesale facility, we do require appointments to visit the greenhouse.

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Kalanchoes are great plants. They have thick succulent leaves and bloom in a wide range of colors. We grow them throughout the year. They are easy to maintain and provide a long-lasting splash of color.

Rieger Begonia

Rieger begonias do well with bright, indirect light, and with proper care, can bloom continuously for six months. We grow these throughout the year. Riegers are popular as a house plant as well as for use outdoors.

Tropical Foliage

We offer a beautiful selection of tropical foliage plants to complement our blooming plants. We work closely with several growers in Florida to bring many shapes and textures that are available in the world of green plants.


Mums are available at various times throughout the year. We grow hardy garden mums for use in outdoor fall plantings. We also grow florist pot mums for decorative indoor displays in the spring and fall.

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We grow a constantly changing mix of plants all year long. There’s always something new growing from lilies for Easter to poinsettias for Christmas. Contact us for our current availability.
G and E Greenhouses Lilies


Traditional Easter Lilies are grown from bulbs. We grow them in single stem, double stem, and triple stem pots. The other bulb crops that we grow in the spring include tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, and daffodils.
G and E Greenhouses Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are available in the Spring. The first crop usually blooms in late March. We have them through Mother's Day in mid-May.


When it's Springtime in the greenhouse, you can be sure to find plenty of colorful Geraniums and a nice variety of Spring Annuals.



Poinsettias are available in a large variety of sizes from our smallest 1-bloom plant to our largest topiary tree form. Red is the traditional color, but we also grow white, pink, marble, and other novelty styles.


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